An exhibition of feelings by pngs

About the artist.
My name is Konstantinos-Taxiarchis Panagiotopoulos, aka Pngs. I was born in Athens, in May 1999 and I'm currently studying Graphic Design at the University of Brighton. My constant aim and effort is to discover the multiple sides of my inner self and then share them with other people through my art. I love all forms of art but I also admire those who produce artistic work. There are no limits as far as my work is concerned and I constantly feel curious, brave and willing to try new things, to enrich my experiences and therefore the sources of my inspiration that contribute in my art.

About the exhibition.
OXYMORON is something more than simply the title of my upcoming exhibition which will take place in one of my favorite areas located in the centre of Athens. It is going to be my first exhibition ever and its main topic is people’s feelings, especially the feelings of those who’ve walked at least once in the streets of my beloved city, Athens. All my exhibits are simultaneously related and inspired by feelings … Actually, the more I process it, it seems highly possible that my exhibits themselves will be the feelings.

For me, Athens has lots of synonyms. One word that perfectly describes the city is oxymoron. In my first year as student at the University of Brighton, I had a project regarding things that I’m curious about, so I had to activate my imagination and creativity in order to totally reflect my curiosity and interests on my work. Then, I created my first oxymoron piece. A slogan inspired by Athens, written on actual wall pieces, surrounded by a classic frame.

OXYMORON is an exhibition through which I manage to narrate my own story by using all the pieces that I mentioned above and that are presented with cohesion, in order for the audience to deeply understand the true meaning of the word oxymoron, a word that can actually be proved very mysterious as it can have different meaning for each person

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